Laravel package idea generator

Stuck in a rut on your open source work? Our laravel package idea generator can help you. With the power of ChatGPT we have generated over a hundred ideas for your next great package.

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Customizes the default 404 error page in Laravel applications to improve user experience and navigation.

Laravel package boilerplate generator

Generate your own package boilerplate in less than one minute. We handle all the boring tasks, so you can get back to creating!


Laravel is our favorite framework, and it is probably yours to. With the amazing framework and its giant ecosystem of packages almost anything is possible! There are packages to help you debug, write tests, generate code, security, two-factor authentication and so much more.

You probably have over a dozen of packages in your composer.json file. But what if you have a great idea for your own package? A peace of code that you repeat over and over again on all your projects? Or certain functionality that you build in all your projects? This is a great place to start, if you have an idea, and we recommend using our own boilerplate to get you set up really fast, you can find it here: Generator

But what if you dont have an idea and still want to create a package? Then this page is the right page for you. At the top of this page is a generator that helps you with chatGPT powered ideas. This idea generator is tuned specifically for laravel packages.